Practice Areas

Corporate Law

  • Compliance/Adherence to Federal Regulation and Licensing
  • Confidentiality Agreements
  • Corporate Contracts (employment, service, client)
  • Corporate Formations (all phases)
  • Corporate Internal Forms
  • Corporate Operations (all phases)
  • Day to Day Housekeeping for Corporation/Shareholders
  • FDA Registration
  • Joint Ventures
  • Licensing Arrangements
  • Master Contracts for Human Resource Departments
  • Mergers & Acquisitions (see below)
  • Partnership Agreements
  • Probationary Employment Agreements
  • Project Consultancy Agreements
  • Training Bond Agreements

Corporate Law in The Philippines

Corporations in the Philippines are generally governed by Batas Pambansa Blg. 68, or the Corporation Code of the Philippines. It involves complex details and regular amendments that, without vigilant reviews and the right interpretation, could lead to costly mistakes.

At Duran & Duran-Shulze, we offer our expertise in corporate law to assist you in the following areas:

Incorporating and Forming Your Business

We shall help you decide which corporate structure would best serve your needs. We shall also provide assistance in the registration process and in complying with the requirements of the SEC and any other government entity.

Corporate Contracts

We shall assist in reviewing and drafting contracts with employees, suppliers, contractors, and other entities you will need to work with in the course of your operations.

Asset Acquisition

Acquiring corporate assets can be complicated especially if real estate is involved. Additionally, some acquisitions may have tax benefits that you can optimize. We shall assist you in identifying and taking full advantage of these benefits while mitigating any risks.

Corporate Taxes

Corporate taxes are many and varied. It is important to accurately identify and calculate each one, and pay them in a timely manner. Erroneous or late filings could lead to penalties and serious consequences. You need to fully understand your tax obligations from the start and properly manage them.

With our financial management expertise, we offer solutions that can optimize all tax benefits and avoid unnecessary taxes.

Human Resources

Hiring and managing employees are critical in any business. Every step of the process is highly regulated, from hiring to termination.

We shall help you in understanding and implementing employment laws and avoiding any potential violations. This includes guidance in compensation benefits and packages and their corresponding tax requirements.

We also offer guidance in the creation and implementation of training bonds.

Licensing and Intellectual Property Management

We shall help you safeguard any corporate intellectual property, including copyrights, patents and licenses. Conversely, we can assist in ensuring you do not violate any laws when applying or utilizing other entities’ intellectual properties.

Partnership and Project Consultancy Agreements

From time to time, you may need to enter into partnership or project consultancy agreements with other parties. We offer legal guidance in coming up with terms and conditions that will be fair to all and will safeguard your company’s interests.

Dealing with Government Entities

In the course of your operations, you will have to deal with several government offices, including the SEC and the BIR, and perhaps the Department of Trade and Industry and the Bureau of Customs. We shall assist in making sure your company complies with these various agencies’ requirements, as well as represent you in any legal process or proceeding involving these agencies.

Day to Day Corporate Housekeeping

Corporate housekeeping or governance is essential in promoting transparency among stockholders, the company’s management, and its board. It involves the company’s entire operations, including day-to-day recordkeeping. We shall assist in planning, organizing and implementing measures and processes that will ensure compliance with the legal standards of transparency.