Practice Areas

Tax Law

  • Business Tax Consultations
  • Corporate Tax Planning
  • Customs Duties
  • Domestic KPO/BPO Corporate Tax Planning
  • Expatriate KPO/BPO Corporate Tax Planning
  • Executive Compensation and Employee Benefits
  • International Transfer Pricing
  • Taxable and Tax-Free Acquisitions
  • Taxable and Tax-Free Dispositions
  • Taxable and Tax-Free Spin-Offs
  • Tax Controversies and Litigation
  • Tax-Exempt Organizations
  • Value-Added Tax or VAT
  • Wholly Owned (or not) Foreign Owned Subsidiary KPO/BPO Tax Planning

Tax Law in The Philippines

Every business, regardless of size or structure, should be aware of tax laws and should be compliant at all times. Non-compliance could mean significant penalties – money that you could use more productively in your business.

At Duran & Duran-Schulze Law, we offer in-depth assistance in various areas of business tax laws and management, including the following:

Business Tax Consultations

Business taxes in the Philippines fall under different categories depending on factors like business classification, nature of income, type of transaction, and so many more. Furthermore, Philippine tax laws are constantly changing, making businesses vulnerable to errors.

With our lawyers’ tax law expertise, we can provide you with the guidance you need in determining and complying with your business’s tax requirements in any stage of your operations. These include advice and representation on issues relating to various tax and duty types like Value Added Tax, customs duties, income tax, and percentage tax.

Corporate Tax Planning

We can help you in planning your business structures and transactions such that your taxes are kept at manageable levels, and possible tax bankruptcy or unnecessary taxes are avoided.

In particular, we have a good understanding of the growing KPO/BPO industry and offer tax planning assistance in the following areas:

  • Corporate tax planning for Domestic KPO/BPO
  • Corporate tax planning for expatriate KPO/BPO
  • Corporate tax planning for wholly or partially foreign owned KPO/BPO subsidiary

Executive Compensation and Employee Benefits

Compensation and benefits for all employees and executives involve a slew of regulations under the Labor Code of the Philippines. Identifying when and how much tax should be applied and/or withheld for each compensation or benefit type is crucial to avoid violations and their corresponding penalties.

We offer our expert advice and guidance to help you optimize tax benefits on executive and employee compensations while avoiding potential legal issues.

International Transfer Pricing

International transfer pricing is especially critical in businesses like KPOs and BPOs, as well as those that enjoy tax privileges like companies operating within the ecozones of the Philippine Economic Zone Authority.

The BIR is mandated to conduct audits on companies that utilize Transfer Pricing so it is important to make sure you’re compliant at all times.

We can provide guidance and representation in avoiding or settling any legal issues related to your company’s application of international transfer pricing.

Taxable and Tax-Free Acquisitions, Dispositions & Spin-Offs

Corporate acquisitions, dispositions & spin-offs are getting more commonplace in the Philippines. In the transfer of assets, taxes may apply particularly for tangible goods. Intangible assets, such as goodwill, are often tax-exempt, or may be subjected to depreciation allowance.

Our lawyers at Duran & Duran-Schulze will help ensure you get optimum tax-exempt privileges in these transactions while identifying and complying with requirements on taxable assets and acquisitions. 

Tax-Exempt Organizations

Certain types of organizations are tax-exempt. These include:

  • non-stock and non-profit corporations dedicated to religious, educational, or cultural purposes
  • non-profit trade association
  • non-profit cooperative or mutual banks
  • non-profit civic organization

We can help you in setting up this type of operation and avoid any move that could violate its tax-exempt status.

Tax Controversies and Litigation

Despite your best efforts, you may find yourself having to face tax controversies and litigation. Our lawyers at Duran & Duran-Schulze will use not only our knowledge of Philippine tax laws, but also our negotiation and advocacy skills in representing you.