Legal Fees

These are the amounts of monies that have to be paid by the client as a result of the specialized effort that only an attorney can put forth (Legal Profession) on behalf of the client.

The fees can vary from custom, hourly or flat fee.

Forms of Payment

Retainer, deposit, cash, check, or bank wire. We do not accept credit cards at this time.

Every 5th of the month and to be paid no later than fifteen days from date on the invoice.

Usually paid every first of the month.

Litigation is billed “per milestone” and is priced as a fixed/flat fee or better known as a “package”.

This statement will be in an hourly breakdown format. You will be seeing a lot of: corporate and regulatory terminology: creation of executive and employment contracts, review and draft of contracts, board resolutions for transfers of BPI accounts, board meetings regarding USD to PESOS accounts, business permits to assessor’s office, your lease with your real estate agent, deed of sale of shares, cashflow inquiries, tax issues on entity, PEZA, DTI, SEC, BIR, PAG-IBIG, PHIL-HEALTH, SSS letters, reportings, registrations, communications, certificates, incentives, all depending on your business. Stock certificates, barangay clearances, insurance and fire assessments, troubleshooting assessments, transmittals of documents, signed registrations, and seeing your dream come true.

For the unearned retainer situation: Because you have already deposited anunearned retainer fee depending on how much you have deposited, that fee can be good for a month or more, depending on what we have discussed. Either way, we will be rendering monthly bills and sending them to you, reflecting what we have charged against that retainer fund for that month. On your billing statement you can expect to see a reflection of the work completed; similar to an hourly or custom billing statement.

Any unused funds in an unearned retainer account for that month in your name, will either be returned to you upon completion of work, or put forth towards the next month, plus your deposit for the next month further work, if necessary.

Let it be known, for ALL billing statements, you can expect to see all of our contact information, to whom the bill is addressed, the bill number or “SOA” number (Statement of Accounts), for which month and for what the matter is regarding; in this case, “Legal Fees”.

Look for a “legend” on or near the last page, that can shed some light for you. Also on the last page, there will be information on: to whom to make the check out, and/or to which Bank, Branch, Account type and Account Number to make a deposit for the amount of the bill.

For hourly or custom billing you can expect to see: the breakdown of tasks performed with their corresponding Pesos@hr.; Subtotals, Totals, and a Grand Total; tasks by whom (senior attorney, associate attorney, staff member, professional services, paralegal, notarial, courier, etc.); start and end times; duration of time spent; miscellaneous charges, if any.

Also, for hourly, as a precursor to litigation, you can expect to see on your billing statement: witness fees, discovery and transcription costs, search and investigation fees, filing fees, court fees and other necessary fees in order to prepare for litigation.

We have the option to not render services anymore. If it is large amounts owed, we reserve the right to take legal action.

Our Process and Services Offered

1. Assessment of Legal Needs
2. Signing of the Contract
3. Ask for Documents, Give you Checklists, Go over Timelines

Please see “Services Offered” Link in upper navigational tabs

Yes. We do partner with larger law firms with pressing and urgent matters. Where exigency exists for law firms, we can be there to help.

Representation and Court Appearances

It depends. This can be discussed at the consultation.

Business Hours, Place of Business, and How to Contact Us

Monday through Friday generally, but we work odd hours. Catch us at odd hours online!

By appointment only.

DDS is accessible by airplane, car, train, bus, taxi-cab or Jeepney.

Your nearest international airport is Ninoy Aquino International Airport, about ten miles away.

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