Guide to Obtaining a Philippine Visa

A country, such as the Philippines, with an array of economic and residential opportunities to offer would have a variety of visas you can apply for. 

If you’re planning on applying for a specific visa type, or if you already have a visa and need assistance with renewing it, we can help. We also offer assistance with citizenship applications and naturalization.

You may visit our blog containing an in-depth classification of the common types of visas the Philippines has to offer. 

Duran & Duran-Schulze Law is a full-service visa and immigration law firm that can help you navigate through the complex world of Philippine Immigration Law. We provide services to foreign nationals in over 40 countries, to both foreign and Philippine citizens alike who live abroad.

Work Visa

Work Visas allow foreign nationals to work in the Philippines temporarily. They can be used for travel, business trips, or even long-term employment.

Invest Visa

Invest Visas allow foreign nationals to invest in Philippine businesses or real estate. This is an excellent way for foreign investors who want to invest in Philippine companies but don’t want to live here permanently.

    Stay Visa

Stay Visas mostly caters to foreign nationals who would want to retire and live in the Philippines with either their dependents of just themselves permanently.



All the support service has been wonderful.

Since the beginning of the visa and work permit process, I have had good assistance, especially Mr. John Partosan in Manila at the immigration offices.

All the support service has been wonderful.

Carlos A.


Legal firm you trust.

While stuck out of the Philippines during Covid, DDS processed our SRRV renewal efficiently with no surprises.

It’s important to have a legal firm you trust.

Margaret Anne K.


Smoothest closing ever!

Thank you March for all your help and very generous discount. Smoothest closing ever, getting all the paperwork done and organized.

And thank you to your great team for taking good care of us.

Appreciate all the help and support.

Anna P.

They’re fast, efficient and friendly.

I know I’m in capable and competent hands whenever I engage the services of DDS Law, such as with my recent visa renewal. They’re fast, efficient and friendly. They handle everything from pickup of requirements, processing, and delivery of the visa. Hassle free for me!

Colin R. C.


Note: Immigration laws in the Philippines can change unexpectedly. This means that eligibility for visas, required documents, processing times, visa validity, and other visa application information may be subject to updates. To stay informed, we advise consulting with our Immigration and Visa Specialists.